Day two: Failing at making coffee

So no actual cooking has commenced, but I was charged with the all-important kitchen chore of brewing the coffee in the morning before the class arrives. I took this very seriously, memorizing the instructions at home the night before as to not prolong the required caffeination of my classmates.

Yesterday I arrived plenty early, eager to impress everyone with my ability to operate an industrial coffee maker with pre-measured grounds.

And yet I managed to screw this up. I began by loading up the water reservoir, then intending to deal with the filter, etc., and even run one empty so our industrial coffee would not be tarnished with the stale taste of yesterday’s industrial coffee. Well, this coffee maker has no “On” switch, you see. The signal to start brewing is to have water in the reservoir. So brew it did, first leaking a hot stream of stale brew from yesterday’s grounds onto the hot plate below. I quickly replaced the pot, realizing I would have to wait for this feeble pot to finish before I could start over.

And then there was the problem of the mess I’d made on and around the coffee maker. We are working in a well-stocked kitchen here, but without immediate knowledge of where I might find a paper towel and wanting to rid the evidence of my coffee debacle, I used one of my spanking new, blue side towels, which then proceeded to soak my pristine white apron with stale coffee for the rest of the lesson.

But it’s all right, because my classmates and I got to know each other on day 2 by doing shots. Of buttermilk. And sweetened condensed milk. And goat’s milk.

Culinary school: not for the lactose intolerant.


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1 Response to Day two: Failing at making coffee

  1. mk says:

    you were the company manager for your class!

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