Monday Doesn’t Suck

See, I could totally get used to this.

First, we spent an hour precisely chopping carrots into “julienne” and “brunoise.” My classmates and I are starting to get more talkative with each other, but being that it was 8am on Monday, mostly the sound during this hour was just the regular thud of sharp knife passing through carrot to reach plastic cutting board. Also, apparently carrots are all modular and stuff. Very difficult to square off a carrot because when you cut it, it actually moves and twists so that by the time you get to the fourth cut expecting a rectangle, what you doubtlessly have is more of a rhombus. I admit I am impatient like a puppy for Chef Allen (our Module 1 instructor) to tell me my julienne is pretty.

Various attempts at julienne plus smaller and smaller brunoise

Then we did this awesome art project with fresh herbs. I don’t care that it was only 9am, the smell of fresh mint makes me want a mojito, stat.

The case of the missing chervil

And then we tasted 18 kinds of cheese. Yeah, you want to be me.

Ryan and Ahra notice something around them is a bit ripe

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5 Responses to Monday Doesn’t Suck

  1. mk says:

    fabulous post! and yes, your julienne is VERY impressive! (feel better now?)

  2. jen says:

    I never really tried to tell the difference between cilantro and parsley without just tasting it, but I see from your fine photography that the parsley’s got more stem action in about the same size leaf part… love the photos in general, actually. how do your colleagues/instructors feel about you taking pics during the class?

    • Pamela says:

      Actually, I asked on the first day whether picture-taking was appropriate, and the chef actually said it was encouraged. The carrots certainly didn’t complain, though you can see the chervil wanted nothing to do with this picture.

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