Scrambled Eggs: Warhol effect

And yes, those are “soft scrambled” eggs, i.e., intentionally runny. (Sorry Jen!) What’s blowing my mind the most so far in this experience is that we haven’t done anything complex here – broccoli, potatoes, salad, eggs – but that these little techniques we’re learning seem to make such a big difference in terms of taste. Or maybe it’s all mental because I’m expecting things to taste better, but I really don’t think so. Honestly, I will never cook eggs completely through again.

On that note, though, our first test this week was on sanitation and….wait for it…the danger zone!! (40 F – 140 F) But Jen, would it help you to know that eggs don’t begin to solidify until 155 F? So you have a 15 degree window to kill anything that would freak you out? Runny eggs for everyone!

My preference in taste with the above eggs starting with favorite is Whole Butter, Olive Oil, Clarified Butter, Canola Oil.

Tomorrow: fish. Whoa.

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6 Responses to Scrambled Eggs: Warhol effect

  1. mk says:

    i have to say, i love scrambled eggs with whole butter. olive oil is okay, but they aren’t all fluffy happy. they also don’t release from a normal pan quite as easy with olive oil. i eat scrambled eggs every day, so i really appreciated the photos. i mean, the difference is visible. thank you for helping me to know, i am not crazy. that there is in fact, a huge difference.

  2. jen says:

    I just cannot get past the texture– bring on the hard, dry scrambled eggs for me! Good to know that a little runniness at a restaurant might not mean instant death, though– thanks! 🙂

  3. jen says:

    By the way, what exactly is clarified butter, exactly?

    • Pamela says:

      So glad you asked! Clarified butter has the milk solids skimmed out of it, so you get a butter taste, but the clarity of oil.

      • jen says:

        hmmm- weird. so, does it work? I mean, is it tasty like butter?

      • Pamela says:

        Tastes just like butter, only clearer. If you’ve ever had lobster or been with someone who did at a restuarant, usually clarified butter is what you get to dip it in. I believe it also has a higher smoke point than whole butter, which is another reason to clarify it.

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