Word to your Mother

For those of you who were totally grossed out by photos of various flesh in the last week, fear not: now we are on to sauces. Mother sauces. The sauces from which all other sauces are born. This illustrious list includes: sauce espagnole (amped up veal stock), sauce veloute’ (amped up chicken stock), bechamel, classic tomato sauce, (not the Italian version, mind you, because the illiterate Italians did not apparently invent tomato sauce; the French did) and hollandaise. These are called “mother sauces” because every other imaginable sauce (in French cuisine) is a derivative of one of these sauces.

The past two lessons were a combo of frantic scrambling to get everything assembled into a pot so it could simmer for 2 hours, and waiting around for things to simmer. During the interminable simmering process, I shredded what looked like at least 2 pounds of cheese to add to the bechamel to make macaroni and cheese for lunch.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day (a huge holiday in New York, if not for those of you in the Midwest) several of my classmates went out after class to celebrate. Cheers! Pictures soon…

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1 Response to Word to your Mother

  1. EvaB says:

    Even though you skipped those of us West Coasters, it might be ok, because I am not sure how much people party for St Paddy’s day. I am guessing they represent, in which case, don’t forget us!

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