Today I got ridden. (Hold for laughter….okay, moving on.)

Ridden, as in the “I have high expectations of you and I know you’re capable of not making small mistakes and good I’m glad you’re feeling picked on and no I’m not going to cut it out just because you’re sensitive and you’d better believe that professional kitchen life is like this so just get used to it because clearly you’re smart and you’re going to have to hack it” kind of riding. Yee haw.

I took it, though. And at the end of class when our written exams were handed back the rider in question asked to see my score and his comment on my 100% was “I knew you would,” which is the reason I came to understand what the riding was about. So it’s good, I think, even though it’s not fun.

But then we got to pour brandy in a sauteeing pot of lobster tail and set the thing on fire and that was surely satisfying.

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1 Response to Flambe’

  1. mk says:

    yes, i’ve heard chefs in restaurant kitchens are notorious for riding their staff…. i once had someone tell me a story about how the chef hid his knife roll thing. ha. ha. ha. quite frankly it sounded worse than 7th grade camp.

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