This post contains little info about the tasty things we have been cooking this week (Sole a la meuniere, lamb loins, crab cakes, veal milanese) and little about the process of saute (little oil, food cooks from heat of pan) versus shallow frying (food cooks from heat of oil.) Nor do I have pictures to share because it’s become impossible to hold still long enough to take many.

Instead I’d like to ruminate about life changes. Exactly 45 days ago I was living in Manhattan as a full-time touring company manager for a dance company. Now I am living in Brooklyn working full time in a BBQ restaurant while attending culinary school. Life is crazy, and I love it.

If this at all has you thinking about wanting to change some detail in your own life, large or small, I say do it.  I also painted my bedroom walls bright purple and that detail alone makes a difference. Here’s a shout out to my friend Mary who has been reading and commenting regularly, and who has the coolest tattoo that simply reads, “leap.” (From the full quote “leap and the net will appear.”)

Saute’, consequently, means “to leap” in French.

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3 Responses to Marinating

  1. Beth says:

    So does that mean the next time you come home, we’ll see a tattoo of Saute?

  2. mk says:

    I’m so happy that you are enjoying culinary school and working at blue smoke. The posts are fantastic and I’m proud that you took the leap!
    Love, Mary

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