Week in Review: Deep Fried Thoughts and Barbecue Workout

This week lasted a year. After finding out Monday that I’d been hired by Blue Smoke, I painted my new apartment Monday night, moved Tuesday, and worked Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings. Meanwhile I managed to do all of my homework for culinary school – including some rapidly improving fine julienned carrots – study for my daily trainee quizzes at work, and visit with a friend from out of town. After bushwhacking through my unpacked bedroom nightly to find my bed around 1am, never before has my 6am alarm been so unwelcomed by me.

But we made it. And thanks for bearing with me while the blog took a serious back seat.

Some points of interest for the week:

We’re in the middle of a unit on dry-heat cooking methods, which include, saute, shallow fry, deep fry, grill, and roast. (Oil is not considered a “moist” ingredient. But yes, the thought of deep frying as a dry heat cooking method is still a little mystifying.) There is something ever so slightly terrifying about being in a kitchen with 14 other people while 14 cauldrons of 350-degree+ oil are perched around. But the results are delicious, and we all managed to avoid deep-fried human flesh as one of the recipes.

That pot is hot, y'all

Angelo demonstrates delicacy in dipping tostones

Rob and Ryan are excited for a vegetable.

One of our knife assignments for the week was a shape called “paysanne,” which Chef Karen described as being basically the shape of  a scrabble tile. (1/2″ square face with 1/8″ depth.) She actually used the tattoo on my arm as a demo, and the fact that it was the letter P for “paysanne” was all the more entertaining.

Ribs. Are. Heavy. Seriously, who needs the gym when you can load your arms up with several full racks of ribs and scamper up and down stairs with them?

Part of my training at work includes tastings of various menu categories. So far I’ve had the barbecue tasting and side item tasting (Best. Mac and Cheese. Ever.) Tonight I have the dessert tasting which I am no less enthusiastic about, especially since it comes at the end of another Barbecue workout.

Sharing the love, meat sampler style


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2 Responses to Week in Review: Deep Fried Thoughts and Barbecue Workout

  1. Peter says:


    I Have not been diligent in reading your posts. So I just caught up the past dozen or so while running the rail at the Hammerstein. And I
    Managed not to let anything crash to the ground, although I night have drooled on the rope a little. Let me know when I can visit you at blue smoke. I love their fried chicken.

    • Pamela says:

      Hey Peter! I will – I’m in training through Friday, so once I’m official I’ll make it widely known.

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