Got the T-Shirt!

After my 7 training shifts at Blue Smoke, I was ceremoniously declared to have passed, and welcomed aboard the team. Now I am the proud owner of 2 Blue Smoke/Jazz Standard t-shirts. Shout out to my trainers Sam, Steph, and Peter, who, in addition to training me for 3 out of my 7 shifts, also managed to have a baby daughter this week. I can imagine that she was probably only slightly less needy than I was this week.

Jazz Standard is the jazz club downstairs where I will also occasionally be working. The thought of working in an atmosphere where the lights were down and where a band was playing that I especially didn’t want to interrupt with my somewhat clunky, burgeoning skills was that much more intimidating, but I actually really liked it. Most tables were only 2 people, and the atmosphere was really laid back.

As a Server Assistant, my potential responsibililities are many: running food from the kitchen*; being on the floor with the servers clearing courses and helping “mark” (set) the tables specifically for what people have ordered; barista-ing (anyone know how to make those cool designs in the cappucino foam?); and assembling takeout orders. Food running, I think, will be my favorite once I am more accustomed to the weight and heat of some of those plates. (Ask to see my barbecue tricep the next time I see you.) I am a wimp, but I am getting there. I like being able to watch how the kitchen operates – for anyone who has worked in a restaurant more than a week perhaps the process of getting food to go out is second nature, but for me the whole thing is fascinating.

Literally 2 minutes after I was deemed capable of taking shifts on my own, 2 of my coworkers approached me about covering some upcoming shifts for them. 🙂 And it all starts today. Should anyone order takeout today between 11am and 4pm, it will be assembled with love by yours truly.

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2 Responses to Got the T-Shirt!

  1. jen says:

    cool– good for you.
    thanks for the description… what about the *?

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