Anatomy of a $30,000 Burger

We’re asked to transcribe our recipes for class from our binders onto notecards, not only because they’re easier to reference that way but also to prove that we’ve at least looked at them prior to the day’s lesson.

I elected, however, not to write out the recipe for a phenomenon called “Grilled Hamburgers.” 24 oz of ground beef; salt and pepper to taste; hamburger rolls, boston lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced pickles, sliced red onions as needed. Serves 4.

No really, I got this.

What's in your wallet?

For 30 Gs, was it the best burger I ever had? Probably not. Though I am sold on the simplicity of just salt and pepper as burger seasoning. And I will mention that the inclusion of some porcini-truffle butter we had sitting around from a previous lesson was pretty special. And the garlic mayo that one of my classmates and I whipped up on the fly was indeed one of the more spectacular things I’ve concocted in my lifetime.

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1 Response to Anatomy of a $30,000 Burger

  1. mk says:

    forgive my stupidity……. is it called that because that is how good it is supposed to be? or because that is how much it costs? i am confused.

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