Eastern Wisdom

Yes, it’s been over a week, so I will try to make this post epic!!

We spent that week on – wait for it – “Asia.” I admit I was a little perturbed that we’d spent a week each on France and Italy looking at various culinary subcultures there, and so by comparison it would seem that “Asia,” being – as it were – HUGE, would be difficult to really get into in as much time.

Naturally, you could spend an entire lifetime trying to understand all the complexities of various Asian cuisines, but I have to hand it to my school that these lessons were organized rather cleverly by technique rather than region. So we started with Curries, then made our way through Stir Fry, Noodles, Soups, Dumplings/Wraps, and tomorrow we will conclude with Sushi. While the flavor profiles of different cultures change, the methodology is pretty consistent, so I do sincerely feel like I got a good overview. And I’m a pretty big fan.

Chef Erica is jazzed about all this curry.

Deep fried whole Red Snapper. Creepy, but tasty.

7 different noodle dishes with 7 different types of noodles.

Let's wrap this up.


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1 Response to Eastern Wisdom

  1. jen says:

    this looks like heaven to me!

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