Dough! (Doh!)

Apple tart with puff pastry

The fact that I haven’t posted in a week is not because I’m not enjoying pastry. On the contrary, though I am often covered head to toe in flour, the pace is pretty relaxed. Dough needs time to rise. Dough needs time to rest. Dough needs to take a year-long sabbatical to Thailand to study the ancient art of making fish sauce. And at the end of every lesson we have gorgeous pastries to consume and share with other classes, friends, coworkers, etc. And yet I still have a tart and a half sitting in the fridge at home. Further to my last post, I am also still finding the rolling process to be pretty zen, and in fact I even took some leftover dough home and successfully rolled it out, without drama or swearing, on the back of an aluminum cookie sheet.

Fruit tart with sucree dough and frangipane - before




Say it with chocolate

Brian is way more delicate than all the dudes from Jersey.

L - R: Lynne, Jennifer, Ryan, Pamela, Brian, Robert, Angelo; front row, L - R: Gene, Ruben, Ahra, Kyung Min, Javier

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2 Responses to Dough! (Doh!)

  1. Patsy Duncan says:

    Look at all that pastry!! Beautiful!! Loved the picture of the class–great to put names and faces together!! Kept wondering what happened to Pamela last week– glad to know the dough didn’t get the best of you! Looking forward to August!!! Patsy

  2. mk says:

    wow. i just got so hungry looking at ALL of that.

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