Play by Play

I know, I know. I haven’t been posting as often as I could. I could give a bunch of excuses about my work schedule, sleep schedule, and the bloggeritis I am experiencing given the mere 2 weeks I have left of school. But you’re all out there waiting to be fed, and as a cook*, I should be feeding you.

*Once I complete this program, I will not consider myself a chef. Chef means a lot more than just 6 months of culinary school, though I am comfortable with the term “cook.”

Anyway. Here’s what happened last week after Monday:

We were off on Tuesday. Riveting.

Wednesday we had “market basket” lesson 2, meaning another day of free reign. This time a protein was not pre-assigned (as had been the case with Monday’s scallops), and we had several to choose from. (Which Chef Chris had stockpiled, wrapped in foil, and all labeled “chicken bones,” since interesting proteins are the kinds of things people are likely to swipe.) I prepared a coriander dusted duck breast with a gingered rice, pickled julienned vegetables, and a red coconut curry sauce. Then my camera died. But Brian Duncan managed to send me this picture from his phone:

Thursday we had our final cooking test. This was the culmination of everything – time and space management, demonstration of consistent cooking ability, knife skills, and cleanliness. We each had to cut mirepoix: onions, carrots, celery in small dice (1/4″ squares); then fabricate a whole chicken and from that whole chicken prepare: grilled paillard (boneless, skinless breast pounded flat), sauteed chicken breast with pan sauce, and a braise with the rest of the chicken parts and also utilizing the mirepoix we’d cut. Also we had to present blanched broccoli, asparagus, and green beans, and prepare a root vegetable puree. (I got turnips.)  I did well. I did everything in time and was pleased with all of my outcomes.

Then Friday we had a non-cooking lecture about the business and operation/management of restaurants, which got me thinking/scheming about all of the ways I’d like to work for myself in the future. Stay tuned.

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1 Response to Play by Play

  1. Patsy says:

    I am patiently waiting!!!!! You will be a success wherever you go and whatever you do!!! Your enthusiasm will carry you far in life!!~~~ Patsy

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